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Careers in Energy

Explore the world’s energy resources. Protect the environment. Be a part of the world’s energy future.


Be a part of the solution. Consider a career in energy.

The world will always need energy. Each energy source is necessary to meet the world’s growing demand for affordable, reliable and clean energy. Finding, recovering, and getting energy to the customer is a multi-stage process. It requires people trained in a variety of occupations.

The energy industry employs people with a wide range of qualifications, but the highest demand is for people with science and engineering skills. It is common to work in Interdisciplinary teams of professionals—engineers, geologists, geophysicists, environmental and regulatory specialists, safety engineers, and others.

The combined expertise of these individuals is applied to increasing energy recovery, which means you have many options available to suit your skills and interest. Although there are various job descriptions, all energy careers serve one function—to provide the world with energy while safeguarding the environment for future generations.