Energy Education | Mar 05, 2020

Fracking with Jell-O


Fracturing with Jell-O!

Making Jell-O is fun, but fracturing jello from the inside is a cracking good time. Hydraulic fracturing was one of the experiments conducted by the SPE Calgary Section during a recent school visit. Sixty students participated in a range of energy4me activities where they learned about concepts like hydraulic fracturing. Dispelling many of the myths about this form of hydrocarbon production, SPE members explained to students about the technical aspects that are involved in the process and why it is one of the most regulated and safest forms of hydrocarbon production. Any problems caused are the results of human error and not the procedure itself. 

Students also got to see the results of core sampling on different sub surface terrains and why it is important to scientifically investigate what is beneath the surface during hydrocarbon exploration.From porosity to perforated well casing, students left with a better understanding of the various steps that go into exploration and production. The aim was to get students excited about the industry and to show students that engineers are investigators and problem solvers and that the industry is open to future generations as it is our belief that our future engineers hold the solutions to problems we don’t even know we have yet.  

SPE Calgary Section member demonstrating Exploring Porosity activity
SPE Calgary Section promoting Fracking with Jell-O activity to help demystify the process

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