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The Switch Energy Project

Energy4me supports the American Geological Institute Foundation (AGI). AGI supports educational, scientific, and charitable activities like the Switch Energy Project, benefiting the entire geoscience community and the member societies affiliated with the Institute.

A film, web and education program to build energy awareness and efficiency, and help us move forward together toward a smarter energy future.

Energy is the most important issue of our time.
Energy impacts the economy, the environment, food and water, population, everything. To understand these challenges, we first need to understand energy.

More than 300 energy education videos.
The Switch Energy Project videos examine topics from hydraulic fracturing to energy efficiency.

Want to learn more? Read the Journal of Petroleum Technology’s November 2012 article on Switch

Movie Screenings Near You.
Switch (the film), explores the world of energy to discover our future (trailer above, right).

Host Your Own Switch screening
Your campus has the power to change!