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Running a Local Energy4me Program

Together, we can make a difference by sharing the facts about energy with the public and putting a face on the industry.

Energy is a critical issue worldwide, and SPE believes face-to-face contact between its members and the public is the ideal way to spread the word about energy conservation, the future of the oil and gas industry and its impact on the planet.

Getting Started

Each section approaches energy education differently depending on the section size and activity level. The most successful education programs generally have a committee to oversee energy education activities with a chairperson who serves more than one year and three to five members who also serve more than one year with staggered terms. Some energy education committees appoint one member to each aspect of an event, such as one person to oversee teacher workshops, another for speaker programs and still another for other community outreach. Another option is to assign committee members to specific events for which they would be responsible for all the event activities.

What Are Your Section’s Interests?

There are many simple and effective ways to assess the section’s energy education interests. Start with your section subcommittees, which may be able to help select appropriate energy education initiatives. Member interest surveys can also be conducted through your section newsletter.

Setting a Plan of Action

Doing your part for energy education is easy, and there are plenty of ways for your section to get involved! Based on your section’s interests, you may consider the following activities:

  • Donate Energy4me materials to schools
  • Supporting teacher workshops
  • Scholarships/grants
  • Classroom presentations

Your section might choose to do ongoing education outreach, such as a classroom presentation program that is active throughout the school year. Or you may want to hold one larger event per year (for example, Engineers Week each February or Earth Science Week each October might be the perfect time for your section to get involved).

Young Professionals and University Student Volunteering

Young professionals and university students in the oil and gas industry can have a huge impact on younger students, sharing educational and career possibilities that many may have never considered. Children relate to professionals who are close to their own age, which puts these volunteers in high demand. Engineers who are just starting their careers and university students can provide insight into what academic subjects to pursue throughout high school and college, the field’s vast technological opportunities and the many rewards of a career in energy. Presentations also give them the opportunity to polish leadership and public speaking skills to benefit their own careers.

Get your section’s young professionals or student chapters involved by encouraging them to give classroom presentations. SPE’s Energy4me program gives them everything they need to energize students. Your section’s education committee might also consider pairing young professionals or university students with more senior members for collaborative presentations.

Publicize Your Event

Showcase the contribution your members are already making and bring greater recognition to members who have been contributing their time and talent through your section newsletter, website, at meetings, and by letting Energy4me know about your outreach efforts. We will consider featuring them on this website to recognize your efforts and inspire others to join in on the fun! More Tips»


If you plan to take photos of your student event that may be published, please use the Minor Photo Release form to obtain permission.