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Offer Local Scholarships and Grants

Many SPE sections offer scholarships and grants as a method of educational outreach.

SPE scholarship support continues to grow, increasing 7% in 2009. In addition to scholarships, many sections offer funding for university student travel and purchasing of books and computer software, as well as other forms of educational outreach such as supporting teacher education, science fair sponsorships and Engineers Week events. Total funds reported as of June 2009 were just over USD $1,050,000 worldwide.

Grant programs are a great way to enrich education in your community. Team with corporations (if needed) to award classrooms funding for science lab equipment, computers, field trips or other educational materials.

You might consider offering Energy4me Kits or Oil and Natural Gas books to your scholarship or grant winners.

Appoint a Scholarship/Grant Committee

The committee is led by the scholarship/grant chairperson, whose responsibilities include

  • Ensuring the committee develops and adheres to long- and short-term objectives
  • Submitting the proper scholarship program forms to the SPE Sections Manager
  • Reporting activities to the section board and the regional director

The members of this committee are responsible for

  • Assisting in the development of long- and short-term objectives
  • Advertising the scholarship(s)/grant
  • Selecting scholarship/grant recipient(s)