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Volunteer at Educational Workshops

Energy4me holds free one-day teacher professional development workshops and student education events  at select SPE conferences. Each event covers grade-specific, hands-on energy lessons and activities, offers keynote speakers from the industry, and includes a technology tour (if available).

We seek volunteers to support these events in the following areas:

Registration Table
Welcome teachers and students to the event. Provide them their name badges and agenda and help answer any logistical questions they may have.

Exhibit Tour Guides
Lead small groups of teachers or secondary students on a technical tour of exhibits at select SPE conferences.

Hands-on Activities
Guide teachers or students through fun, hands-on experiments using household items that they can take back to their classrooms.

While Energy4me materials are available in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish, translation support is needed for any pre-communications or workshop promotion in languages other than English. Energy4me Kit activities can also be translated into additional languages.

Event Coordination
Some events outside of the U.S. need a coordinator to help prepare the agenda, promotion and communications plans; recruit keynote speakers; and ensure the event stays on schedule.

Energy4me encourages SPE sections to purchase Oil and Natural Gas books for teachers attending science teacher professional development workshops in your region held by reputable organizations such as More! Rocks in Your Head  (The Ellison Miles Geotechnology Institute), Offshore Energy Center, The National Energy Education Development Project  (NEED), The National Energy Foundation, and local energy museums. Energy4me donates books to workshops held outside of SPE membership areas.