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Oil and Natural Gas Book

Oil and Natural Gas

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Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 978-0-7566-3879-5

Base Price: $15.99 each*


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Oil and Natural Gas is SPE’s fun, colorfully illustrated, and information-filled book on the history and uses of oil. This hardbound book is appealing to kids of all ages and adults! Currently available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese. 

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Oil and Natural Gas (English)»

Petróleo e Gás Natural (Português Angola)»

Petróleo e Gás Natural (Português Brasil)»

Petróleo y Gas Natural (Español)»

Pétrole et Gaz Naturel (Français)»

Нефть и природный газ (Pусский)»

لنفط والغاز الطبيعي (العربية»


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Example Page Spreads

Click images to view page spreads from the book.

Table of Contents

King oil 6

Ancient oil 8

Oil for light 10

Dawn of the oil age 12

The oil bonanza 14

What is oil? 16

Where oil comes from 18

Natural gas 20

Unconventional natural gas 22

Oil traps 24

Solid oil 26

How oil is found 28

Advanced technology 30

Getting the oil out 32

Deep sea drilling 34

Deepwater technology 36

Piped oil 38

Oil on the ocean 40

Refining oil 42

Energy and transportation 44

Materials from oil 46

Plastics and polymers 48

Global oil 50

Oil and power 52

Oil and the environment 54

Demand and consumption 56

Saving oil 58

Oil substitutes 60

Fuel for electricity 62

World of job opportunities 64

Serving society 66

Timeline 68

Find out more 69

Glossary 70

Acknowledgments 72