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Essential Energy Educationissues, careers, classroom resources

Download Energy4me Kit Materials – English

Selected materials from the Energy4me Kit are available for download in PDF format. If you wish to have the printed materials, order the Energy4me Kit (English only).

Fact or Fiction

Classroom Speakers Guide»

A quick reference guide to giving a classroom presentation

Career Brochure»

A resource for high school students on petroleum engineering careers
Crossword Puzzle Answers

Fact or Fiction Quiz Card Deck»

Energy questions for use as a game or icebreaker

Experiment Folder

Oil Well Poster


Experiment Folder»

Energy-related classroom activities to promote hands-on learning and group interaction for all ages

Oil Well Poster»

A classroom, wall-sized poster with more hands-on activities on the back

Smart Energy Choice Bookmarks»

Bookmarks on using energy wisely


Energy Sources of the World Booklet

Powerpoint Presentations

Energy Sources of the World Poster»

A classroom, wall-sized poster with pros and cons for each energy source; hands-on activities included on the back

Energy Sources of the World Booklet»

A factual tool for understanding renewable and nonrenewable energy sources

PowerPoint Presentations

Energy – Making Our Lives Easier (elementary)
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Petroleum Engineers Make a World of Difference (intermediate/secondary)
Download» | View»

Petroleum Engineers Make a World of Difference-Game (intermediate/secondary)

Energy’s Grand Challenges (educators/adults)
Download» | View»

Energy Sources of the World  (educators, adults, intermediate and secondary)
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