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3D Seismic Surveys

3D Seismic Surveys»

Learn how 3D seismic surveys are conducted and how the data helps to pinpoint underground oil and gas deposits.
Courtesy American Petroleum Institute (API)

Directional Drilling

Directional Drilling»

Directional drilling technology allows the industry to access deposits that would otherwise be inaccessible.
Courtesy American Petroleum Institute (API)

Deepwater Oil Recovery

Deepwater Oil Recovery»

Oil and gas in deeper water offshore can be accessed using sophisticated deepwater drillships.
Courtesy American Petroleum Institute (API)

Offshore Innovations

Offshore Innovations»

Innovations in offshore platforms and rig designs also make more resources accessible.
Courtesy American Petroleum Institute (API)

Underwater Equipment & Robotics

Underwater Equipment & Robotics»

Offshore oil and gas fields can be developed with all equipment below the surface and maintained via robotics.
Courtesy American Petroleum Institute (API)

Arctic Technology

Arctic Technology»

Specialized technology enables development in Arctic environments.
Courtesy American Petroleum Institute (API)

Environmental Considerations

Environmental Considerations»

Operations in environmentally sensitive areas can be conducted without harm to the environment.
Courtesy American Petroleum Institute (API)