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Classroom Resources

Energy4me values the role teachers fill in educating young people about the importance of energy. We recognize the need to provide factual non-biased information that can be easily used in classrooms around the globe. Many of our materials are available in multiple languages including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

Classroom Speakers

Connect the science you teach to your students’ daily lives

Energy4me engages the Society of Petroleum Engineers’ (SPE) 104,000+ professional members worldwide to serve as classroom speakers, science fair judges and career fair exhibitors. Teachers receive a free copy of our Oil and Natural Gas book when the presentation is given.
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Teacher Workshops

Learn to teach energy in a fun, exciting way

Free one-day teacher workshops are held at select SPE conferences. Each event covers grade-specific, hands-on energy lessons and activities, offers a keynote speaker from the industry and includes a technology tour (if available).

Training at US workshops is led by the National Energy Education Development Project (NEED) and meets state/national science standards.
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Classroom Activities and Materials

Energize your classroom with fun activities from Energy4me

Find ready-to-go presentations, classroom activities, lesson plans and hands-on experiments for teaching energy in a fun, exciting way. Activities for every grade level are available. Did we mention they are FREE for teachers?

Materials available in:

Student Events

Guide your students to a great career in energy

Educational events for pre-university students interested in math and science are an important part of Energy4me’s outreach programs. The events, which are often held on-site at industry conferences, may include expert speakers, exhibit tours and hands-on activities. Students can use these events to learn about emerging technology in the petroleum industry, career opportunities or how energy makes an impact on our everyday lives.
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