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Freiberg University of Mining and Technology

Institute of Drilling Engineering and Fluid Mining

Agricolastrasse 22
Freiberg, Saxony 09599
Phone: +49.3731.39.2494
Facsimile: +49.3731.39.2502

Department email:
Department website:

Dean: Prof. Dr. Carsten Drebenstedt , Dean of Geosciences, Geotechnics and Mining
Chair: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Reich, Chair of Drilling Engineering and Mining Machinery
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Moh´d M. Amro, Chair of Reservoir Engineering, Production and Storage

Contact Information 

Office Contact Name Phone Email

Head of Petroleum
Engineering Dept.

Prof. M. Amro +49/3731/39-2542

Admissions Prof. M. Reich  +49/3731/39-2491


Student Services Sabine Beyer   +49/3731/39-2493


Petroleum Engineering Degree Information

Degree Petroleum Hours Total Hours Curriculum Description
Diplom-Ingenieur/Master 60 185


minimum 3 years


The 4 ½ year program in Petroleum Engineering (Drilling Technology, Production of Gas and Oil) is accredited by the Saxon Ministry of Sciences and Art.

Curriculum Description


Until now Petroleum Engineering has a coupled course program of undergraduate and master level only.


The department is staffed with experienced faculty who has broad experience in research and teaching. Key aspects of research: directional drilling, drilling muds, alternative drilling technologies, underground storage, enhanced oil recovery, geo-modeling, geothermal energy.

First and second year curriculum:
mathematics for engineers, engineering statistics, descriptive geometry, physics, chemistry, computer science, geoscience, material technology, mechanics, machine elements, technical thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, electrotechnology, introduction to geotechnology, safety, principles of economics, civil and public laws, applied geophysics, principles of hydrogeology, geology, geomechanics, introduction to the area of specialization,
optional: similarity theory

Third and fourth year curriculum:
drilling engineering, production and storage techniques for oil and gas, reservoir engineering, problems of stability in drilling and well completion, drilling fluids and cementation, petroleum geology, well logging, technical thermodynamics, fluid machines, process measuring techniques, automation, safety, economics of mining including oil and gas, mining and environmental laws, higher mathematics and finite element methods, transport modeling, bore hole geophysics
specialised subjects areas from which 6 semester-week-hours must be chosen:
soil mechanics, advanced drilling and production technology, opencast mining, mining, disposal mining, ground water modeling

2 excursions, 2 semester-lectures, 1 technical paper and diploma thesis (master thesis)


The Doctor’s degree program requires a minimum of 3 years beyond the master (Diploma) degree. An acceptable dissertation is required for the Doctor’s degree (Dr.-Ing.).

Program Admission Requirements


Secondary school certification (with University Entrance requirements)
Practical training of a minimum of 120 working days in the petroleum and mining industry is required as a part
of the graduate program. Most courses are not in English. So, good knowledge of German language is required.
The full master’s program (incl. undergraduate) requires 247 credit points ECTS (European Credit Transfer
System), including 9 points ECTS allowed for optional compulsory hours. The master thesis is not included. At
least 117 points ECTS of petroleum engineering courses are required in addition to the thesis. Additional credit
points of other engineering, mathematics, or science will be allowed when approved by the candidate’s advisory
committee and graduate advisor. Qualified students with a B.S., B.A. or M.S. degree or an University Diploma
in any field may enter our program in petroleum engineering by completing without graduate credit leveling
work as needed in physics, chemistry, mathematics, geology, and basic engineering courses. The details of the
leveling program will be worked out on an individual basis by the graduate advisor, and the length of the
program will depend on the student’s background and experience.


For graduate admission in petroleum engineering, an applicant must hold a, M.S. degree or a
University Diploma of recognized standing and must be able to demonstrate fundamental skills in petroleum
engineering. The application to the University must include an official transcript from all previous university
study and acceptable scores on the Graduate Record Examination.

Faculty Information

Name Position Major Field of Interest Contact Information
Moh´d M. Amro Chair & Head of Department Drilling Engineering
Matthias Reich Chair & Professor Reservoir Engineering, Production,
Underground storage
Steffen Wagner Associate Professor Geo-hydraulic, Geothermic,
Heike Strauß Associate Professor Mud and Cement Chemistry
Carsten Freese Research Assistant Reservoir Engineering
Frederick Rose Research Assistant Reservoir Engineering
Martin Müller Research Assistant Production Engineering
Ulf Kirsten Research Assistant Mining Machinery
Silke Röntzsch Research Assistant Drilling Engineering

Cumulative Degrees Awarded

Bachelor Degrees: -  
Master’s Degrees: 575 (since 1961)
Doctorate Degrees: 45 (since 1988)

Curriculum Analysis

Subject Course Type Hours Required
Mathematics Higher Mathematics 14
Stochastics 3
Physics Physics for Engineers 7
Geophysics 3
Chemistry Applied Chemistry 5
General Engineering Mechanics 8
Thermodynamics 7
Fluid Dynamics 8
Construction 3
Material Sciences 3
Electrical Engineering 3
Measuring/Automatization 10
Geo-Engineering 26
HSS Working safety 3
Safety Engineering 2
Petroleum Engineering Petroleum Geology 3
Oil/Gas Production 7
Drilling Engineering 15
Logging 3
Mud/Cementing 8
Well Hydraulics 4
Reservoir Engineering 10
Well Testing 3
Underground Storage 4
Geothermal wells 2
Enhanced oil recovery 3
Other Economics 8
Law 6
Informatics 6
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