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SPE Sabah Section Reaches 112 Students

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Sabah Section Outreach

Sabah Section plants “tree of hope” on the school compound to conclude program

A big thank you to the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Sabah Section for holding their first Energy4me educational outreach event in July. A group of 15 young professionals visited 112 pupils and 17 teachers at SK Kabajang in Beufort, Sabah. This was the first destination chosen as part of the Sabah Section’s strategic plan for educational outreach as part of their Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) program.

The program made children aware of the petroleum industry and its opportunities for careers. Lots of laughter got the program off to a great start during a fun, ice-breaking activity. A presentation on petroleum history and its benefits to the nation followed along with interactive activities. The event concluded with planting a “tree of hope” on the school compound.

The school children expressed excitement throughout the program and had a wonderful learning experience. They were especially excited to receive goodies and gifts as a token to remember the day, and to see a gift presented to their headmaster.

Energy4me encourages young industry leaders to get involved by giving classroom presentations or holding educational outreach programs in their area. Sharing educational and career possibilities with younger students can have a huge impact. Children often relate well to young professionals who are closer to their own age. Giving presentations not only inspires children, it also gives young professionals the opportunity to polish their leadership and public speaking skills.

Share your contributions and outreach efforts in your community that you are already making with Energy4me and inspire others to join in on the fun!

Thank you to the SPE Sabah Section for sharing!

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